International School Leadership - in English

University College Lillebaelt, in cooperation with ISL, International School Leadership, Ontario, is offering professional continuing education in Denmark again in 2016 and 2017.

Recommended by the Council of International Schools (CIS)
We offer you the possibility to complete a Master’s level evidence-based professional certificate.  You can strengthen your leadership practice and gain knowledge and methods which will improve the results of your school.  You will acquire instructional leadership tools to be able to support every teacher, so that there is focus on each student’s learning.

The course modules build on the vast body of research in school development from across the world, and are lead by Canadian instructors.

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There are 6 modules in the Level 1 certificate program:  

Module 1: Principal Leadership for School Improvement

Module 2: Characteristics of Effective Schools and Systems

Module 3: Building Relationships and Developing People

Module 4: Setting Goals and Expectations Using Data Informed Decision Making

Module 5: Leading Improvement in Classroom Instruction: Meeting the needs of all learners

Module 6: Instructional Leadership Project Proposal Development: The application of theory to practice

Module descriptions available here